Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cars: Who will make them and who will get one in EMS?

Cars: Who will make them and who will get one in EMS?

This question has a relatively simple answer.
From a practical perspective we need transportation to move around in the physical. So YES, there will still be cars made. The difference here is that cars will no longer have a status of more or less valuable. All cars will be made to their best needs to serve their practical purpose. There will be no luxury cars and no trash cars and middle class cars. All cars will hold an equal value. The brands you know of today will be replaced for the purpose of erasing the idea we have about value of cars.
Who will get a car? Those who actually require to have one. If you live in a place that does not require you to have a car and you are able to use other provided transportation then you will not be needed to get a car. This will reduce the production of cars and other transportation to match our actual needs not just the idea of having a car to show status within society. With reducing the production we will have more space available to us on the streets. Same goes for public transportation.
Cars will be made to last because that is what makes sense. Today cars are made not to last on purpose so that companies can make more profit. The life span of a car does not only depend on how one takes care of their car (which will be taught to people how to, and resources will be available to everyone to take good care of the vehicle) but it also depends on how the car is manufactured (the starting point).
Another point to consider when talking about cars is the fuel that will be used. Obviously the fuel will no longer be oil. We all know we are running out of oil and draining Earth out of its "blood" like vampires will simply not be acceptable as it is not what is best for all. There are methods out there for other energy sources to move vehicles. And if not good enough, there will be more research done on this issue to find a method that is save for Earth and it serves the purpose of fueling vehicles. That will require for cars to be manufactured to use different source of fuel.

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