Wednesday, May 2, 2012

NO Need to Lie or Cheat in EMS

If we ultimately look at why people learn to lie and cheat throughout their lives it is because by doing so they have the impression they will benefit from it and get something out of it.
We begin to apply those "tools" from early age because we are scared, we fear something, we want to impress someone, please someone, do better than another and ultimately "reserve" our spot on the top rather than being stepped on. So in a way cheating and lying is a form a competition that plays out subconsciously.
If I look back into my childhood the times I had to either lie or cheat were justified by being afraid I would disappoint my parents or done to spite another. As adults however it becomes even more tangled up as we look to place ourselves in better position within the world and more so within the financial world. We take what we learned as children, young adults and use it towards reassuring our survival so to speak. Because of the way  the current moment system is set up we are predespositioned to lie and cheat. Of course it occurs in different levels. One might steal, another may do an insurance fraud but no matter what the action is the bottom line is one has to cheat or lie their way out of it.
In an EMS that would simply not exist as the main cause=money will not be an issue. More over once we have established ourselves within an EMS the idea of pleasing another to get something out of them will not be necessary.
Ultimately in an EMS we don't live to "survive" we live to enjoy and expand ourselves using the resources provided from Earth with respect and dignity, we live a Dignified life where suffering is simply not an option!

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