Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tanning and Equal Money System

When I was younger (20-25yr) I was obsessed with tanning in the sun. I had built up this image of myself and girls in general that darker is more sexy than white, pale skin. This was also link to a period in my life where I saw white people as not pretty enough and that dark skinned people looked better. I was into finding guys to date that were in the brown skin shade (or rather I found them more attractive which went with my idea that darker appeared better). And I dreamed of having a child that was of a mix race. The appearance was to be "light eyes and fairly dark skin".
I remember going to Bulgaria the summer of 2003 (I was almost 21yr). I was there for a month visiting family and friends. With some friends we went to the Black Sea for 2 weeks. I spend a huge amount of time under the sun with one purpose-getting darker. What was interesting was the fact that I saw "natural" tanning as better than "fake" tanning. I had associated fake tanning with "fakeness". Of course at the time I justified it and I didn't see that my tanning in essence was fake as well (in a different sense). I was trying to be something I am not and I was willing to damage my skin for it. Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong about having some sun, however my starting point was not self honest (wanting to appear different than what I was and having the idea of dark being better) and I did more than a "normal" tanning. I went to the point to where I would not put on sunscreen because I thought it would make me tan faster and become darker faster. I also judged people who went to fake tanning salons as I associated them with "Barbie fake" and airheads.
About a year before I came across Desteni I had already began walking the realization that I should not try to look as something I am not. However as I began process with Desteni I had realized how fake I was towards myself and how I displayed this fakeness into my world, which affected my relationships with people and how I saw myself with others. Also the realization that tanning to such an extent was the same as putting make up, and hiding behind a fake mask (which was also something that I judged in others as I never wore make up).

I just came across this article/video
I couldn't help but notice how dark this woman was from going to the tanning salon. The article itself is about her being blamed that she took her 6 year old to tan and she got a burn. The mother was arrested but she denied this happening. She goes on to say that her daughter plays in the salon area while waiting for her mom. Her words were "she plays princess, Barbie and stuff". Then she goes on to say that her daughter can make the decision if she wants to tan when she gets older.
I would say that her decision is already made. Unless her mom gets cancer and it has a strong impact on the daughter, her daughter is way on her route to FAKENESS LANE.

It is things like tanning to appear as something you are not that will not be tolerated in an Equal Money System as it is self abusive in nature. It is only common sense that once a person begins working on themselves, realizing and erasing all the fakeness they have accepted and allowed to exists as themselves with their world and on the larger scale, that they will be able to see that such things as a tanning salon becomes irrelevant and it will not be used, thus there is no reason for it's existence.
There is a lot of "fakeness" and abuse in the Capitalistic system that when broken down one must ask themselves the question "What the fuck are we doing to ourselves and others in the name of stupidity or greed?" 

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