Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What information will the Global Logistics Database keep and who will have what access in EMS?

What information will the Global Logistics Database keep and who will have what access in EMS?

The Global Logistics Database will keep all statistical information about everything. Like a "huge" computer that stores all the information about everyone and about everything. Of course everyone will have access to view it and it will be updated on regular basis to keep up with the changes that will be occurring as we transition from the current system to the Equal Money System. It will serve the purpose of giving us statistical feedback of our reality and based on that information we will build and do what is best for all. To read about what is best for all and get an idea on a small and large scale visit:  Or you can read on this topic at the first volume of FAQ which you can find at our store

So The Global Logistics Database will have some of the following information (the following are brainstormed ideas from people participating in Desteni)
-data of all the products that are being produced to make sure they are made as best for all
-product analysis to see which products will be stopped and the level of quality
-looking at all the existing alternatives for building homes that are as environmentally friendly as possible built to keep energy production at a minimum
-levels of toxicity in our food, bodies and resources 
  1. -data on location of industrial plants
  2. -resources in the soil of a particular region
  3. -seeing the terms and conditions and actual requirement of for example imported products
  4. -homeless children or in slavery-investigate so not forgotten
  5. -languages that are spoken in a specific area - for all the paperwork to be in the right language
  6. -agricultural data including irrigation and dams
  7. -data on the requirement to supply of houses to those that don't have any
  8. -condition of buildings and large halls for gathering
  9. -what buildings can be used for storage and logistics to have the necessary goods available in all areas
  10. -birth rate data
  11. -habitat
  12. And so on, the list can go on. The main idea is that all information will be publicly displayed.

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