Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Will there be Black Friday and Cyber Monday in EMS?

Will there be Black Friday and Cyber Monday in EMS?

It is that time of the year, the day after "Thanks Giving" which always falls on a Friday. The day where people line up like crazy in front of stores that have HUGE deals (meaning buy stuff for really cheap). The day where people would tent out for hours in front of a store in order to buy something for cheaper.
I have never been to a Black Friday event before so I decided to check it out this year. And I am not surprised at what I expected....long lines, cold weather, people with hopes to buy something for cheaper than usual and a lot of wasted time spent on one spot! Was it worth? I suppose that depends on what one wants out of this so called "deal"! But for most people is going insane over "sales".
If we look at "Black Friday" in reality it was designed by corporations to make more profit. It poses in as these HUGE deals off items where only certain amount of people can get. It gives people the opportunity to spent money on things they may not need, it gives people the opportunity to fight over items, it is like a competition.
When they finally opened the doors to Best Buy, people literally fought to enter inside the store. Once in the store it was a fast walking around to grab all the shit first. Then more long lines waiting to get items that were on the big sales. In some instances people have gotten hurt because common sense goes out the door and competition comes in dividing people, making sure that "I get the best" comes first.
"Cyber Monday" is Monday following Black Friday. But this time people "fight" on the internet and of course spend more money. It is another corporate day designed to make profit.

So will there be such thing as Black Friday and Cyber Monday in EMS? The answer is obviously NO. Since practical resources will be equally available to everyone and money in the form of profit will be something of the past there will be NO need for such days to exists. It would simply make no sense to have such days, just as anything that carries the title of "Sale" will never be heard of again. Simply no need. NO profit based economy, no competition based economy, No Sales Dates, NO % off items. Resources will be worth the price they took to be fairly manufactured. Resources will be practical, will be available to everyone, will be durable and everyone will be able to afford them at the price they took to make.

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